24k Vermeil Nest Cuff and Woven Nest Ring

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This amazing new Nest style is so Deluxe in 24k Gold Vermeil!!  The Nest symbolizes the supported environment we create for ourselves during our journey on this Earth.  And Friends, we have to create our Nests, one twig, one piece of twine, one dried piece of grass at a time.  I'd originally envisioned both pieces being partially woven (or twined), but decided that I liked the simple lines of the cuff unencumbered.  As you can see I could not resist Twining a bit on the ring!

A:  Unadorned Nest Cuff measures approximately 1" along the wrist. I have a 6 1/2" wrist and it fits well. Would fit well down to 6 1/4" wrist and up to 7 1/4" wrist. 

B: Adjustable Woven Nest Ring size 7 3/4 and up.

Vermeil is an overlay process (and a legit legal standard! Go figure!) with gold over silver. In this case, each piece is hand forged by me in Fine Silver before the 24k adheres. You're actually getting double fine metals here with 24k (nearly pure Gold) over Fine Silver (nearly pure Silver). Additionally, there is no nickel in Original Sin Jewelry's Vermeil. Ever.  I'm using thicker than the legal standard for vermeil and guarantee the piece for life.

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