A Duo of Deluxe Focus Desert Bloom Necklaces

These necklaces are so sweet! The stones are A-Mazing and the chain is super deluxe. Admittedly, I resisted the urge to add dangles to it-- less is sometimes more. Don't you think?

Featuring Desert Bloom Variscite, they are waiting for a super independent lady willing to offer one (or both-- Sister or Bestie Necklaces anyone??) a fantastic forever home.

Variscite is a rare mineral found in the same regions of Turquoise, but possesses more aluminum and chromium. Turquoise features more copper. Woah. You just learned something!! The Earth is pretty spectacular and either of these necklaces will wear well into the fall, reminding you that you have rare and untapped talents deep within you. Like a secret vein of Variscite hiding amongst Turquoise. 

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