Montanna Sapphire Sterling Silver Studs

Oh goodness! These earrings are so cute! With all the moving and running and showing around the US, I only had time to finish one pair before the release. But don't worry, Jewelry Fans! I'm selling additional pairs that will take approximately 10 days to create and ship to you. 

I wrote in my Journal about the discovery of the Sapphires, but in short, they were kept on a dusty old shelf in a garage for almost 4 decades before coming into my horde (where I kept them to ogle for two years privately). But now they're out of the hoard and into the light!

These Montana Sapphires for these studs are between 4mm - 6mm as shown. The colors range from one pair of rhubarb to several shimmering light denim blue and icy light greens. The studs will have great (ear) nuts, and will be secure on your ears while you dance the night away! All pieces are hand made by me, Margaret Aden in my Arizona Studio using only the finest metals and processes. 


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