Beau - Turquoise Fidget Necklace

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Have you ever been stuck in a three day meeting or conference trying not to go crazy on the inside and needing SOMETHING TO DO?? Back in my engineering days, I felt this way ALL the time. I sure wish I'd had one of these, so I could quietly move the beads around the chain and keep myself from going stir crazy. 

The Fine Silver pendant on this necklace measures 1 1/2" from it's connection to the chain and is 11/16" wide. The necklace is 27" long and has 5 frosted Amazonite beads with which to fidget. The pendant also has my signature Radiance texturing around the edges. These lines invoke high energy, positive resonance, hopefully reminding you to vibrate at a higher frequency, to seek a higher pattern in your life. After all, what you radiate is what resonates in the world.  

All Pendants are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure and has such a beautiful pure color. 

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