Clementine - Chrysocolla Woven Bridge Necklace with Handmade Chain

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When you need to go all out, a Power Player Piece like this one will let everyone in your sphere of influence know that you are 100% your confident self. There are so many yummy layers to this necklace. First, the pendant with Chrysocolla in beautiful, vibrant green and a swath of blue Turquoise. The stone itself is nearly 2" across and 1" tall and I've set it with a 14k Gold tube containing a coordinating Tourmaline. 

Overall, the pendant is just about 2 1/2" across and nearly 3" long and is a modified Bridge Pendant. This style reminds us that we must build connection, as one side of the tube bail stretches to the other, the Fine Silver wire twined between two supports, two separate, but important structures, one wrap, one word, one moment in time where we stretch towards each other and Communicate, not "communihate".

I've combined Fine Silver and 14k Gold (fill) on this piece, adding in a later of picked stitches symbolizing the bits and bytes of our lives. This beautiful Lady has 44" long hand made tube, strut and jump ring chain. She is simply stunning. 

In addition, this neckpiece has OSJ's signature Radiance texturing around the edge to invoke high energy & positive resonance. I hope the texture remind you to vibrate at a higher frequency in your beautiful, powerful life. 

All jewelry is bench made and hand woven by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure and has such a beautiful white color.

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