Half Moon Bay Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cuff

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Do you listen to music? I do, most of the time I've got tunes on in the studio. Music is my barometer, my deepest friend and this brand new style is inspired by a song and a reality. Train's 2009 Album "Save Me, San Fransisco" has a bonus track on it called, "Half Moon Bay." See where I'm going??

Before moving to San Diego last year, my interaction with California was limited. I hadn't traveled the entire coast line, hadn't experience HWY 101 and the magical winding, sometimes traffic snarled classic road. I saw a festival in Half Moon Bay, their annual Pumpkin Festival, and because of the song, the lilting lyrical description of love blooming in the beautiful coastal California town, I decided to apply. I was accepted and so last year drove up to partake in this annual, pumpkin themed extravaganza. What a crazy event! The traffic is insane and my niece and I got sugar drunk on Jelly Belly Jelly Beans while waiting to get to the main road, but the name of the town, the Half Moon, half seen, half unseen got me to thinking. 

And thinking. And questioning.

What if, instead of a cuff where I've woven 100% or textured metal 100%, what if there was a half full, half filled version, where I mixed the solidness of sheet with the lightness woven wire??

In full disclosure, I Beta tested the design on a gorgeous ring featuring a piece of 7D (it's found a forever home already, sorry!!) before making this cuff. I wanted to work on the connections, the smoothness, the structure. Like a sketch, but a physical model of what could be. 

Voila! This style was born. While it might not be as romantic as falling in love in Half Moon Bay, maybe it is falling in love with a new design approach. Let's call this piece the progenitor of Original Sin Jewelry's Half Moon Bay Style. The Zero patient, the Alpha. I hope you're lucky enough to snag this piece. Let's talk about the details!

The oval Green Pilot Mountain Mine Turquoise cabochon is set in Fine Silver (99.9% pure silver). This stone is very much like verdant islands growing out of a swirled river delta. The setting measures just about 3/4" by just over 1 1/4". You will find the cuff has half textured and half woven sides, a metaphor to the potential and kinetic energy we all posses, the sum of all things equaling each other in balance, despite the composition. This cuff will fit wrists from about 6" to 71/2". Other sizes please inquire for a custom piece. 

One more layer to the design is my signature radiant texturing around the edges. These lines invoke high energy, positive resonance.  They serve to remind you to vibrate at a higher frequency, to seek the a higher pattern in your life. I believe that what you radiate is what resonates with the world, and we should all leave the low energy of victimization and hatred behind.  

The final layer to design, the added embellishment of three silver balls. They represent important moments in life, the times and instances that life pivots, shifts charts a new, perfect course. Either in your past, or in your future, we all have these moments and these balls, or Pivot Points celebrate your journey.

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