Turquoise and Silver Nest Cuff

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Ok Jewelry Fans! This is a soft launch for this new style. I'm so interested to hear what you think and if you love it!?? I've been creating "Nest" style rings for a couple of years, but am working on balancing out the style line. I'd originally envisioned this piece being partially woven (or twined), but decided that I liked the simple lines of this Turquoise Mountain Mine Natural US Turquoise. I hope you do too!!

The top setting on the cuff measures approximately 7/8" across and just about 1 1/4" along the arm. My wrist is 6 1/2" and this cuff is perfect! I think it will work up to a 7 1/2" wrist as well. The Nest symbolizes the supported environment we create for ourselves during our journey on this Earth. 

One more layer to the design is my signature radiant texturing around the edges. These lines invoke high energy, positive resonance.  They serve to remind you to vibrate at a higher frequency, to seek the a higher pattern in your life. I believe that what you radiate is what resonates with the world, and we should all leave the low energy of victimization and hatred behind.  

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