Dharma - 6 Stone Sierra Nevada Turquoise Woven and Hinged Neckpiece

This neckpiece is for a Woman at the Top of Her Game. It commands attention and indicates a strength of will, sharp mind and a determined leader.  The Sierra Nevada Mined Turquoise is from the top 15% of material from the mine and is naturally hard and glossy with striking black matrix. 

The centerpiece measures nearly 1 1/2" square with gorgeous two tone blue pooled amidst black, volcanic looking lines. Each setting is hinged and connected to the next stone, creating balance with related, but not exactly matching stones. 

Currently sized for an 18", I can adjust the size as required. The elegant double "S" clasp features a complimentary piece of Sierra Nevada Turquoise, bringing beauty to the back of the neck as well as the bosom. 

As ever, this neckpiece has OSJ's signature Radiance texturing around the edge to invoke high energy & positive resonance. I hope the texture remind you to vibrate at a higher frequency in your beautiful, powerful life. 

Finally, the neckpiece has several Pivot Points, silver balls representing important moments in your life, the times, and instances in your past, or in your future, upon which your life hinged. As you can see- there are many Pivot Points on this Neckpiece, for a woman unafraid and unashamed to take big leaps in life and claim her power.

All jewelry is bench made and hand woven by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure and has such a beautiful white color.

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