24K Vermeil Shield and Wishbone Earrings

Shield - Protect Your Positivity

In the beginning, I began creating these pieces to explore geometry, one of my favorite subjects in the way back day (including Physics-- geometry with motion). As time passed, I realized that when I wore this style, I felt strong, protected: I asked my husband what he thought about it and he said, "It looks like a shield." Eye roll. Men have to man things up, don't they. However, he was right, this is a Shield, woven to protect your positivity as you journey through life. 

Wishbone - Make Your Own Luck

I'm the youngest of four siblings. As a child, my mother would roast chickens and preserve the Wishbone on the windowsill to dry. When it was ready, it's my recollection that we were able to wrestle for the chance to grab a hold, pull it apart and possibly have our wish granted. It was happy childhood chaos, but I was the scrawniest of kids and rarely secured a spot in the wishbone pull. No matter-- I learned to make my own luck in life and this Woven Wishbone Pendant serves to remind you to do the same. 

A:  These hand woven Tiny Shield earrings measure approximately 0.625" long from the integrated ear wire.  They are just about 0.5" wide  (yep--thats under an inch in size). These are perfect for every day wear, for second or third holes, for playing tennis or shopping.  When you need a little something-something-- these are your something specials!

B:  These hand woven Tiny Wishbone earring measure approximately 3/4" long and 3/4" wide are a a small, flirty style with their dangle. There's something so beautiful about a simple geometric shape, especially one focused on a positive mantra. 

C:  These Large Wishbone Earrings will help you focus on forging your own path in a big way. They measure just about 1.5"long from the sterling silver ear wire and approximately 1 1/8" wide.  These Large Wishbone Earrings are lightweight and I easily wore my pair of oxidizing silver all through Italy. This style is perfect for Bold Women that are putting their mark on the world around them!

D:  These hand woven Shield earrings measure approximately 1" long from the integrated sterling silver ear wire.  They are just about 0.75" wide. This style is the original OSJ Shield Earring size and is a best seller!!  Shield Earrings are perfect for every day wear, for shopping or big meetings.  When you need a little something contemporary but elegant-- these are your something specials!

Vermeil is an overlay process (and a legit legal standard! Go figure!) with gold over silver. In this case, each piece is hand forged by me in Fine Silver before the 24k adheres. You're actually getting double fine metals here with 24k (nearly pure Gold) over Fine Silver (nearly pure Silver). Additionally, there is no nickel in Original Sin Jewelry's Vermeil. Ever. I'm using thicker than the legal standard for vermeil and guarantee the piece for life.

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