Lada - Double Opal Silver Woven Bridge Necklace

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Drop. The. Mic.

This Necklace is a show stopper. The green, yellow, purple opals with both green and gold flash are large and in charge. Either of these opals in a stand alone necklace would be stunning and together they Celebrate Life in a brilliant and radiant way.

The top opal setting measures 2 1/4" across. The bottom opal in its silver setting measures 1 1/2" across. Altogether she's 2 1/4" long. The asymmetrical woven fine silver Bridge has movement and air, reminding us that "other" is beautiful.  The pendant arrives on a beautiful short and long link 20" Sterling Silver Chain with beaded dangles on the right side, leaving our left, heart, side open.

This style reminds us that we must build connection, as one side of the tube bail stretches to the other, the 26g Fine Silver wire twined between two supports, two separate, but important structures, one wrap, one word, one moment in time where we stretch towards each other and Communicate, not "communihate".

In addition, this pendant has my signature Radiance texturing around the lower edge to invoke high energy & positive resonance reminding you to vibrate at a higher frequency. I believe that what you radiate is what resonates with the world.  

All Pendants are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure and has such a beautiful white color. Custom Lengths are available, please inquire.  

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