Macy - Rough Quartz and Oxidized Balance Silver Necklace

The Natural, Rough Quartz Crystal is nested inside a Crumpled Paper setting, the evocative, snake like swirling arches capturing the other worldly mineral specimen with organic grace and beauty. The Quartz has host material showing green echos through the top and evokes the wild danger of a winder landscape.

The bold setting measures 1 3/4" across, 1 5/8" high and stands across and 3/8" high. The petite rollo chain measures 18". The Balance pendant reminds you to Seek the Center Path, the Balance of all things, of your things, of your life. Two connection points hold the thought, balancing in one physical plane of being, helping you Balance in as many planes of being as you need to balance within.

All Pieces are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, in my Tucson, AZ Studio. I used Sterling Silver on this piece.

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