Oregon Fire Opal Trio of Silver Necklaces with Chains

Shine, Baby, Shine. This trio of sophisticated Oregon Fire Opals set in Fine Silver are bold with the high contrast of bright, white silver and earthy harvest orange. These Orange Fire Opals from Oregon are truly beautiful. Not only is Opal is the Birthstone for October, Orange is the Color of Halloween. These stones are US mined in Oregon and were cut by a US Marine Vet in AZ before being designed and set by me, a US Navy Vet.

A:  This style of pendant has only been available as a member of a set before, making this a first of it's kind!! With full circles and circular negative space, this pendant has equal parts Balance and Bold. Measuring approximately 1 5/8" in length and just over 1/2" wide, it's the right touch of Sass. Ships with a with 16" Sterling Silver ball chain (other lengths available).

B:  Also a first of it's kind, this Oregon Fire Opal Fine Silver Hammered Open Oval Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" from it's double jump rings and 11/16" across. I know. It's a really specific measurement, but it's more than a smidge under 3/4". The triangular Oregon Fire Opal measures just about 1/2" on each of its (three) sides. Currently on a 24" sterling silver ball chain, it could ship with a shorter version. 

C:  Have you every had a day that was like playing whack-a-mole?? A day when the Chaos Theory of the Universe seems more likely than A-Place-for-Everything-and-Everything-in-its-Place theory? The deep nerd in me sees that chaos has its own balance of explosive energies and eddies of dark matter, but the every day me just feels like I should switch from coffee to wine and let the chips fall where they may fall. Sigh. This elegant style of pendant reminds you to Seek the Center Path, the Balance of all things, of your things, of your life. Two connection points hold the thought, balancing in only one physical plane of being, which in theory will help you Balance in as many planes of being as you need to balance. Measuring just over 1/2" across, the pendant is just about 9/16" in length from the double connection points. This piece ships with a 16" sterling silver chain. 

As ever, the radiant texture on my bezels reminds us to seek a higher level of energy in our lives. Shedding negative and low energy allows us to resonate with Joy, Happiness, and Hope and encourages us to seek alignment in our hearts and minds. 

All pieces are handcrafted by me, in my Arizona studio using low environmentally impacting process. The Fine Silver is nickel free and great for sensitive skin.


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