Pink Power! Druzy Bridge Pendants

This is my newest pendant style, The Bridge, but with a Pink Twist! Each of these pendants is going to have Pinkness somewhere on the piece. The Bridge Pendant reminds us to build connections with each other. Today, with all the channels to communicate, directly into our hearts and homes, we are more separated than ever. We must build connection as the tube bail bridges the distance between the structural armatures of the pendant. The 30g wire twines between two supports, two separate, but important structures, one wrap, one word, one moment in time where we stretch towards each other and Communicate, not "communihate".

 A:  Pink Three Ways. This Bridge is a combination of Fine Silver and 14k Gold and 14k Rose GF. She measures just over 1 1/4" tall and 5/16" wide. The Druzy (natural surface crystal) has been fumed with Titanium for color and is a lovely teardrop just about 3/4" long. I've tucked a 3.5mm Tourmaline into a 14k Tube in the upper left corner (looking at it) of the setting and used 28g 14k Rose GF wire to weave the Bridge portion. A 16", 18" or 20" ball chain in silver is included with purchase. 

B:  Twice as Nice Pink. This Bridge also combines Fine Silver and 14k Rose GF. The centerpiece this stunner is a Mexican Cantera Opal (which measures approximately 9/16" by 5/16") and has a nice ring of fire play. I love how the Cantera Opals are primarily found in the pink host rock. It makes them unique in the world. Overall the pendant measures just over 1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide and has a really grounded feeling. If you're an excellent, centered communicator or have one in your life, this piece would be quite stunning. A 16", 18" or 20" ball chain in silver is included with purchase. 

C:  Pale Pink Triple. This Bridge features another Mexican Cantera Opal in pink host rock. The Opal (measuring just about 1/2" square) has a beautiful white, pink fire that winds all around the thick cut cabochon and flashes fire in every direction. Overall the pendant measures just about 1 5/8" long and 3/4" (7/8" at the top) in width. I've set a 3.5mm pale pink Tourmaline in a 14k Gold tube in the center of the piece.  This pendant is about focused, central, feminine communication and arrives with a 16", 18" or 20" silver ball chain. 

D:  Pizza Pie Pink Triple. Measuring 1 3/8"wide and 2 1/4" in length, this Bridge pendant takes it up a notch. She's not a subtle piece and harkens to bold, firmly feminine communication with a splash of hot pink. The tightly faceted titanium fumed Druzy measures just about 1 3/16" by 1". The hot pink 3.5mm Tourmaline is set in a 14k Gold tube in the upper left hand side (looking at the piece). The pendant arrives on a 16" or 18" Black multi strand cable or a thicker 24" Silver ball chain. 

E:  Petite Up-Top Pink. On the more petite side, this pendant measures 7/8" long and 5/16" wide, although it hangs just about 5/8" from its 14k Gold 16" chain. The tube bail in inset on the piece, with the 3.5mm blush pink Tourmaline mounted about the bail. The natural surface druzy has been fumed with Rose Gold for coloring. It's not a Bridge Style, but it's adorable and just wanted to be included in this Power Pink Listing. 

F:  Side Pie Pink. This Bridge Pendant takes a side angle on the pizza slice and combines pink with yellow. We can be inclusive Ladies, right? She's just over 2" long and 1 5/16" wide. I've set a pale yellow 3.5mm Tourmaline in a 14k Gold tube in the lower left hand side (looking at it) of the piece. The Bridge is woven with 14k GF and reminds us to reach across, from our place of pink strength with inclusiveness and empathy in our hearts. The tight natural surface crystal druzy has been fumed with Titanium to add the multi-faceted color. The pendant arrives on a 16" or 18" Black multi strand cable or a thicker 24" Silver ball chain. 

G:  How Deep is your Pink? This Bridge pendant measures 1 3/8" long and approximately 3/4" across. She features a rare Golden Apatite cabochon and radiates clarity and focused purpose. I've used 14k Gold tubing in the Bridge structure and to set the deep, hot pink 3.5mm Tourmaline as well as 14k GF across the Bridge Structure. As we move forward as humans and we contemplate the fluidity of gender, our visions of ourselves and others, this piece serves as a reminder that everyone can have a flash of Deep Pink Power.

As ever, the radiant texture on my bezels reminds us to seek a higher level of energy in our lives. Shedding negative and low energy allows us to resonate with Joy, Happiness, and Hope and encourages us to seek alignment in our hearts and minds. 

 All pieces are handcrafted by me, in my Arizona studio using low environmentally impacting process. The Fine Silver is nickel free and great for sensitive skin.

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