3 Green(ish) Turquoise Bridge Pendants

This is my newest pendant style, The Bridge Pendant. Today, with all the channels to communicate, directly into our hearts and homes, we are more separated than ever. This style reminds us that we must build connection, as one side of the tube bail stretches to the other, the 30g Fine Silver wire twined between two supports, two separate, but important structures, one wrap, one word, one moment in time where we stretch towards each other and Communicate, not "communihate".

Pendant D:  Just over 1 3/8" long and under 3/4" at its widest, the Pilot Mountain Mine Turquoise in this Bridge pendant is a beautiful dappled green fading into blue in the upper right hand corner. The matrix is a creamy beige and the almost square shape invokes solidness. This piece is the building block of a life where communication is key. 

Pendant E:  A smidge over 2" long and approximately 3/4" at its widest, this Bridge pendant offers a gorgeous green-blue Nevada Turquoise freeform blunted triangle with gray brown Matrix that puts me in the mind of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  This is a subtle, yet dramatic piece, the Fine Silver shimmers with potential and the rounded upper edge points to the sky, where the only limit is the imagination. 

Pendant F:  Bang on 1 1/2" long and 3/4" wide, this Bridge pendant offers beautiful soft, fresh green Nevada Turquoise with a delicate soft gray matrix.  Mostly oval, the shape of this turquoise reminds me of an elegant conference table, where all view points are welcome. This Bridge Pendant is a centerpiece of community and of coming together. 

All Pendants are bench made and hand woven by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure. The tube and structure are Sterling Silver (92.5%), but have been reticulated to bring the Fine Silver and the beautiful white color to the top. Each piece comes with a chain and you may choose 16", 18" or 20".


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