Bisbee Turquoise Little Sprouts Silver Studs

Aren't Sprouts amazing? Not just to eat, but the idea of potential, waiting energy converting to kinetic, moving, living energy? The beginning of a life, reborn through the release of old form and transference to a new cycle? These earrings are all about Sprouting into the next phase of life- the amazing growth we undergo when we decide and commit to metamorphosis.  Remember, change is not always a massive tree blown over in a storm, it can be the delicate seed, transported on an unexpected journey and blooming, preciously in a new place or version of itself. Whether you are newly graduated, empty nesting, or retiring, these Little Sprouts will remind you to grow where you've chosen to be rooted. 

A, B, D, E: These lovely Little Sprouts are about 3/4" long. The earring post is pretty close to the top, so you are going to get most of the length. The Bisbee Turquoise oval cabochons measure about 1/4" x 3/16" for a nice tiny proportion. The coloring of the stones are a bit unusual for Bisbee Turquoise, but since the mine has been closed for decades, these bits of Bisbee are as rare as you are. 

C:  These Little Sprouts have a thicker casing on them. Their delicate, interior lives have a thicker shell around them, but are sprouting just the same. Measuring about 7/8" by 5/16", they have a little more solidity and a little more length than the other sprouts in the listing. 

As ever, the radiant texture on my bezels reminds us to seek a higher level of energy in our lives. Shedding negative and low energy allows us to resonate with Joy, Happiness, and Hope and encourages us to seek alignment in our hearts and minds. 

 All pieces are handcrafted by me, in my Arizona studio using low environmentally impacting process. The Fine Silver is nickel free and great for sensitive skin. The ear nuts (official name for backing) on these are a really great, heavy weight and will stay put whether you are dancing the Salsa or eating Salsa while playing Uno.

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