Desert Bloom Sorta Matched Earrings

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Sigh. Don't you think matchy-matchy can be a bit boring?? Voila, these earrings match- as in the shapes on both the top and the bottom are the same, but the material of the shapes are different, and opposite. These earrings embrace negative space, the positive and the appositive. Yin and Yang. Structure and stone. 

If you are sorta sassy and fun, maybe looking for something unusual, then these earrings will be a perfect addition to your stunning wardrobe of collectors pieces. Oh, one more thing- did I mention they are on Lever Backs? That means while you are doing the Paso Robles or Tango, they will stay put!!

These earrings feature Variscite from the Desert Bloom mine in Nevada. They hang just over 2" from beautiful Silver Lever-back earring findings. Variscite is a rare mineral found in the same regions of Turquoise, but possesses more aluminum and chromium. Turquoise features more copper. Woah. You just learned something!! The Earth is pretty spectacular and either of these earrings will wear well into the fall, reminding you that you have rare and untapped talents deep within you. Like a secret vein of Variscite hiding amongst Turquoise. 

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