24K Vermeil Pivot Points Singles and Pairs

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24k Gold Vermeil, these minimalist ball studs represent Pivot Points: the important moments in life, the one time or few instances life pivots and falls into place. Either in your past, or in your future, you have have or will have (whew! This verb tense stuff is intense!!) these Pivot Points. Celebrate these moments in your journey with these understated earrings. 

A:  9mm wide Single Pivot Point

B:  7mm wide Single Pivot Point

C:  Approximately 8mm wide Pivot Point Pair

D:  Approximately 4.5mm wide Pivot Point Pair

They have 14k Gold Filled heavy weight ear nuts. I chose to go with Gold Fill on these for strength. 

Vermeil is an overlay process (and a legit legal standard! Go figure!) with gold over silver. In this case, each piece is hand forged by me in Fine Silver before the 24k adheres. You're actually getting double fine metals here with 24k (nearly pure Gold) over Fine Silver (nearly pure Silver). Additionally, there is no nickel in Original Sin Jewelry's Vermeil. Ever. I'm using thicker than the legal standard for vermeil and guarantee the piece for life.

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