A Month of Sundays

April 13, 2020

A Month of Sundays

Howdy Jewelry Fan! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat: the current Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and we’ve all hit pause. Whew! So glad that’s over. Your home, I’m home, we’re all home. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, unless you’re a brave front-line health care worker, and then you’re hardly home, and when you are home, you might even be in your room or RV in the yard so as not to expose your loved ones to this killer virus. And if you are a front-line Healthcare worker—read ‘til the end. I have something special for you.


Like most of you, it’s a rare passage of time when I have a month of Sundays at home. Like most of you may have, I spent the first couple of weeks in shock. I looked at my calendar and started crossing things off. Honestly, some things, I didn’t mind crossing off, others were a deeply felt loss. Same for you?? Did you think, “Ok. As long as yoga class is still going, I can keep it together.” I did too!


And then ALL THE THINGS cancelled. And all the toilet paper was gone (I’m not a hoarder and this was a keenly felt anxiety for my home tribe). The OSJ Store, closed. Shows & Art Festivals cancelled, (one of them in the middle of load-in and set up). Schools closed. You and I couldn’t meet up, couldn’t share stories and laugh and find each other out on the road or in my store, because those things are off limits right now. Sigh.


But you’re still there and I’m still here. And when you need me, I’m here for you. You know, online and social media. Except my website, well… it’s not really here for either of us. And that makes it harder to connect. Believe you, me, I know there’s the same number of items listed as slightly before last Holiday season. I’ve been so busy going here and going there, that the on-line is always the first to fall by the wayside. Shaving my legs might be the second thing, but I have a feeling there are a lot of us ladies not even paying attention to that right now!


No matter-- I’m sorry my website is sorta like a pretty little favorite shirt that could use a wash and a fluff. Behind the scenes here at OSJ, I’m working on bringing it up to snuff, so that it will be almost as if we are together in Scottsdale, Atlanta, Rockville, Columbus or Houston. The war chest is organized, and I have 12 limited collections comprising of almost 300 pieces to bring to you over the next several months. If we can’t meet up in person, doggonit, we’re going to do it online.


Lastly, if you happen to know a healthcare front-line worker, or US Service Member, I have these cute “Hero” necklaces available.  For $25, the Sterling Silver Heart with Chain (16” or 18”) is available in ALL CAPS or lowercase. They’re sterling silver and you can request two sets of initials on the back. My big sister is a Nurse and she’s the inspiration for these. Let’s show a little bit of love to the ones risking it all for us right now.

HERO & hero Sterling Silver Necklaces

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