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Can you believe that face was ever in the military?? My journey to founding Original Sin Jewelry proves that you can't judge a book by it's cover! I hope my life and my work encourages you to walk the path that is unique to you, no matter where it may lead you because when you are authentically you, we are all better for it. 

And by the way:

Welcome to the Original Sin Jewelry Tribe! I've been waiting for you!

Each piece in the Geometries line offers a connection and daily mantra for you. Patrons are delighted with the Mantra Card that accompanies each of these pieces as they arrive on their doorstep.  Your life is happening right now and you deserve adornment that fuels your dreams. Mantras like “Find Your Power”, “Protect Positivity”, and “Weave Your Best Life” allow you to focus on positive, powerful words that will propel you to live your most Authentic life.

The Singularities line offers Patrons unbelievably Authentic adornment. The stones are ethically sourced and cut, most from right here in the United States. Metal work and weaving is approached with purposeful, traditional silver smith techniques in the most environmentally friendly methods. The Singularities line also offers mantras to bring into your life, like "Balance" and "Bridge".

No matter which collection fuels your dreams, Patrons should know that the packaging I use at Original Sin Jewelry is made from recycled materials and can be recycled and repurposed. I am committed to Conscious and Ethical use of materials and minimizing my impact on the planet. After all, there is no Planet B.

Be Satisfied with your life, Be Conscious in your life, and Be Authentic every step of the way!

Margaret Aden, Jeweler

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