Believing in Butterflies: A Second Pathway to Dreams

March 07, 2019

Believing in Butterflies: A Second Pathway to Dreams - Original Sin Jewelry

Howdy Jewelry Fans! As we schlog through March, weather exploding around us, a steady stream of epic rain and snow storms sweeping into Cali and East, there's an impatience in the air. Could it just be over?? When is the sunshine coming back? The volatile energy and impatience reflects an interesting parallel to my feelings surrounding goals and dreams. 


I feel an explosive focus of intention, an impatience with my steady march towards a place or idea that seems so close. I plan this garden patch of intentions and work the soil to let my dreams flourish. And then a dream I didn't even know to dream opened it's beautiful wings inside the construct of my life, a butterfly floating into my vision. The beauty of this vision so breathtaking, I couldn't even have imagined it. This month, March, in the midst of my steady gardening, my digging for my dreams (which is also the title of a lovely Indigo Girls song), I'm reminded to take time to look up from my patch of soil and see what soars above me. All goals are not bound to the earth and the soil, they can indeed flutter by like the whisper of light, color and song that lights a fire in your heart. I'm reminded to acknowledge the second pathway of dreaming. I must expand the container of my dreams. 


Oh Jewelry Fans!! Can you tell I might be floating, grateful and tethered to a spirit that is lifting me into the realm of high frequency??


You see, I've scheduled a local designer trunk show at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom here in San Diego. The event is Saturday, March 30th from 10am - 3pm. You can find me up the escalator on the second floor of this highly sophisticated, thoughtfully curated retail legend. I'll be selling my work to patrons of one of my favorite aspirational department stores. Truly, a beautiful butterfly of a dream I'm holding tenderly in my aging, work calloused hands. I'll try to have clean fingernails for the event, but polishing the pretties may not allow that to happen. 


Join me, Jewelry Fans, won't you? 


I'm looking forward to meeting you in my floating dream.


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