Bran(d) Muffin

January 29, 2020

Bran(d) Muffin - Original Sin Jewelry

Howdy Jewelry Fan!! I’ve been contemplating this BIG question: What’s in my Bran(d) Muffin? What IS Original Sin Jewelry all about?? Is this a seven- grain muffin, or a solo ingredient blueberry muffin? What do I stand for? What do we, as a larger community of Humans and Art Jewelry Aficionado’s, believe?? What ingredients have I softened, shredded, mixed, folded and whipped into this deliciously refreshing, positively (sideways) thinking business of mine??


(((Gosh—I’d love to know your thoughts on this. You can leave me a message by clicking HERE to tell me what OSJ means to you. Maybe why you keep coming back to the Margaret watering hole to live, laugh, learn and adorn alongside me?)))


I’m hoping you’re receiving a big dose of Practical Positivity, after all, you can’t just think it, you’ve got to act on it. Let’s add in a great big cup of Satisfaction, where we are engaging in Conscientious Commerce, with Ethical Sourcing and Environmentally Aware fabrication.  I’m working towards a carbon neutral footprint, adding the incremental costs onto all of my travel and actively searching for a great partner to contribute to where I can take into account all the shipping and buzzing about I do.

Squiggle mantra displayed with Squiggle jewelry in a case at the OSJ store

And of course, there’s the Jewelry. Right?!? Each piece, hand crafted, charged with high vibe, positive energy and waiting for you online, in my store, or at an Art Festival (hopefully) near you. 

Jewelry on display at the OSJ Store with Mantra displays

Ultimately, in the process of connecting you with meaningful adornment, I’m creating a pathway for you to connect meaningfully with each other. Your love and connection to the people in your life create opportunities for you to share your love and energy with them through gifts and treasures. You celebrate wins and losses, graduations, births, and anniversaries, new jobs, new houses, new loves. You celebrate coming out, retiring, becoming fully who you are and fully loving yourself. My work and I become a part of your story and life when you become a Patron and decide to include me in these celebrations and memorable occasions. It humbles me. It honors me. My energy, my work, to your energy, your work.


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