Messages in a Bezel: The Secret Life of Margaret’s Inscriptions

March 18, 2021

Original Sin Jewelry Secret Inscriptions

Howdy Jewelry Friend! As 2021 marches slowly on (see what I did there—“march”es”), I’ve decided I need to let you in on a secret. It actually involves your OSJ Jewelry and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I’ve been leaving you messages, well, messages for your soul, for your energy to connect with, but I haven’t told you about them. I mean, I think I’ve mentioned it about three times on social media. [Which if you account for FB and Instagram algorithms keeping us apart, there really is a GOOD chance you haven’t had a chance to notice. At all. And it’s not your fault. Or mine for that matter.] Nonetheless, I guess that whole I’ve-said-it-but-you-probably-haven’t-been-served-it puts this Journal topic squarely in the “confessional” column, doesn’t it?? (See what I did there, Column, like an old school newspaper specialized opinion/informational thingamajig. But also, a way to compare and contrast pros and cons in different columns. Ok, back to the point…) 

I’ve been writing messages INSIDE the bezels that hold the stones in your OSJ Jewelry. For like, two or three years. (Insert shrug emoji here.) If you have a purely woven piece, then, whew! I guess you can skip this whole confessional. But if you’re bezel-curious or bezel-positive, then maybe you should read on?? 

Quick side trip—"What’s a bezel,” you ask?? Great question!! The bezel is the little snuggy silver huggy I build to hold your stone inside the jewelry. So. Underneath the stones, in my rab-scrabble handwriting, are messages. From me to you. From my heart to yours. From the huge well of light that lives inside me to the huge well of light that lives inside you.

Back to the main road (well as “main” as I can ever get anyway…). 

Initially, like any tiny habit and secret, it started simple. The words were simple, things like, “Soul Shine”, “Love Wins”, “Believe in You” and “Be the Light.” I didn’t keep track; I didn’t know what the message would be until I sat down and set the stones in their little snuggies. Then I started to NOTICE I was doing this. I started to contemplate what it meant. And lately, I thought I might share it with you. I might make a point to TELL YOU about all the hidden messages. So that we could consciously connect to it, so that the words could spark meaning and love for YOU in YOU.  

Here’s a few of the messages inside recent work:

  • Believe in the Light Inside
  • Be the Light in Darkness
  • Heart is at the Center
  • The Moon Tells the Story
  • We Follow our Hearts, our Loves. A Trail of Stars Across the Night Sky.
  • In the Deep Summer Sky, We Let our Hearts Fly.
  • Breath in All You Need
  • Shine from your Soul and Eclipse Darkness
  • Be Deeply Grounded and Trust

Ultimately, the truth of all the messages is that YOU are enough. You are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. The money you have or don’t have, doesn’t matter, because the LIGHT INSIDE OF YOU is enough to live a life of JOY. Unencumbered, unjudged. Love wins. And we choose how we make our way in life, how we light our life.

I’m gonna say that one thing from earlier in that last paragraph, one more time:

Y.O.U.  A.R.E.  E.N.O.U.G.H.

It’s what all the messages add up to.

Don’t be surprised if I ask you what you’d like me to write INSIDE your jewelry if we work together on a custom piece. Because words DO MATTER. Cause I’m writing down these words, and I’ll be telling you about them in the Shop Listings. I’m also documenting them in a journal so they’re not so secret anymore and we can all drag our Light and Love from the Inside-Out.

In the meantime, check out the pieces with inscriptions HERE. Contact me about creating your own secret inscription HERE. And keep up to date on where and when I’m gonna be this year (YES!! Some shows are a GO!) HERE.

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