Pre-2019 Jitters

December 28, 2018

Pre-2019 Jitters

Howdy Jewelry Fans! Have you ever had an old purse or backpack that you love? It’s a little outdated. Perhaps some parts are ripped, maybe there’s an Irish pennant (stray thread for all you non-military types) on the corner where it always rubbed against your shoulder. It could even be a little dingy in spots.  Yet, despite all its faults, you were comfortable with the dang thing and couldn’t imagine life without it. Well. Until you walked into a fancy purse (or back pack) store and fell in love with something so new and different that you couldn’t wait to move all your lipstick and sharpie pens into that new bag. Has that ever happened to you?? Being completely unable to conceive of something else until you saw the thing which was the perfect something else you couldn’t even have imagined you needed?? 
It doesn’t have to be a purse (or a backpack), it could be a person. A place. A moment in time when the you you could not have imagined is revealed. I met my husband this way, at a moment in time when I could not even conceive that I would need a man, that man, any man, for the rest of my natural life. He’s been stealing my heart, pens, passwords and pin codes since a Navy diesel engineering class over 23 years ago. 
But back on track. 
We were talking about purses (or backpacks). Or were we?? I’ve been talking about my website really. My old, not really functioning, outdated but beloved website. I needed a new computer, new website, new punch in the business arm to get it all sorted out. Cause I saw a thing. A place to learn. A group of jewelry artists banding together to be the thing that I needed even though I didn’t know I needed it before I saw it. And I’ve been learning. And I’ve been scared. And I’m putting together a plan for community, authenticity, and satisfaction. After all- that’s the tag line around here. Be Satisfied. 
But change means letting go. 
Let’s dive into that a bit. I mentioned that new computer, right? Well I took the plunge. I used a Best Buy VISA (so many trademarked things in the sentence so far and I’m only using them to #shoutout and explain the #methodofmymadness and mean only respect and all due legal credit given to the aforementioned trademarked and copyrighted names) all last year while traveling to shows in order to save up Best Buy points towards a new computer. To take the sting off the epic price of a real, grown up functioning computer. I planned. I researched. I was accused of super nuking the decision. It may have been true. 
Anyway, so I’m sitting there with my new Mac (did I mention I’m a PC girl?) and setting up my new website (did I mention the old site was soooooo meh) and I realize I lost everything from the old site before I was able to copy and paste my previous blogs and newsletters. Don’t be judgy here, Jewelry Fans. I know it wasn’t too frequent, but there was some good, and I mean GOOD, shit in there. And now it’s gone. And I freaked out. In my head. I could barely move my neck and speak out loud. It was epic paralyzation. 
And then I breathed. 
Life goes on, eh? I’ll just have to write more, better, epic blogs and posts from the edge of life as a traveling jewelry artist for you to read. 2019- I’m coming for you. 
Jewelry Fans, together we are going to build a little corner of this world where you can all:
And Wear Fabulous, Meaningful Jewelry the Whole Way!

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