To the Western Shore (of Florida)

March 01, 2019

To the Western Shore (of Florida) - Original Sin Jewelry

Howdy Jewelry Fans! The start of 2019 may have been one of Original Sin Jewelry's busiest starts of the year. Ever. First there was a cross country sprint from San Diego to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Show. And I mean sprint. I covered nearly 2200 miles in two and a half days. From Atlanta, I rolled down to Mount Dora, FL for the Mount Dora Arts Festival. Afterwards I bounced back north for the American Hamdcrafted wholesale show. I'm not gonna lie, Philadelphia in February never seems like a good idea, but a Lady's gotta do what a Lady's gotta do. Right? Although I'm missing long days in the studio followed by long, hot Bikram yoga classes in my favorite hot yoga studio (Hot and Soul Yoga on Coronado Island), how am I ever going to meet all you Jewelry Fans if I stay in my little jeweler's nest?? For my next appearance I've rolled to the Western Shore (of Florida).


I'm excited to be participating in Tampa's 49th edition of the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts  I'm bringing my best work and am at the top of my game.  I've also resurrected some of my favorite steel display cases which I helped weld and cut almost ten years ago. Overall, you can see the best of the old and new me.  You can purchase some yummy 14k Gold and Damele mine (turquoise and variscite) pictured here. So what do you say Jewelry Fans?? See you in Tampa, FL this Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd? 


Skulking around Central Florida brings me back to earlier days. You may not know it, but I attended high school in central Florida. My best friend from high school attended USF (way back when they didn't even have a football team- just basketball).  I may have visited a time or two when on break from the United States Naval Academy.   If you don't have the photos than you can't prove anything! 


Come on out to the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts and meet the authentic me, old and new in one white haired package.  While the western shore of Florida is not the western shore I live on, every little bit west helps this jewelry artist get a little bit closer to the studio and my favorite Bikram classes. My favorite fluffies. My favorite people. And my favorite torch.


















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