Waiting to Exhale

March 13, 2019

Waiting to Exhale - Original Sin Jewelry

Jewelry Fans-- I'm so proud for you-- you've just about made it to Spring!! The crisp cool of fall fell into the deeper cold of winter a turn or two back and so many of you have had ice and snow and more snow and more ice to deal with. Can we agree that the ground hog most certainly does not forecast the arrival of Spring?? Believing the groundhog is like believing what a teenage son is telling you. Insert straight face emoji here. Ok. I don't want to be hurtful, I can own that statement: it's like me believing something one of my own teenage sons would say to me. Insert eye rolling emoji here. None the less, the tides of March, the Ides of March are here with St Patricks Day and the drab meat free Fridays of Lent. I'd give up Catholicism for Lent if I hadn't already given it up for good, not just a six week breather. Insert wink face emoji here. Don't worry, Jewelry Fans, I'm not going down that rabbit hole, just troll around earlier blog posts for the down low and setting myself free from the dudes in pointy hats.


Back to the Season at Hand: Spring


Renewal is coming. 


In the studio, Spring is normally a time where I'm deep in the throes of summertime production. I have wholesale orders simmering on the bench for April delivery and I'm working on new styles to WOW you Jewelry Fans ALL SUMMER LONG. This year I also have a couple of EPIC shows to tell you about. First, I'll be at the First Arts Fair in amazing San Antonio April 20th - 21st. Find the link here: Fiesta Arts Fair. I'll be in booth #41, here's the map. After Fiesta, I immediately (and I mean right away) roll to Oklahoma City for the Arts Council of Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts. As of right now, I do not have my booth number, but you can find a map of the show right here. I'm looking forward to seeing current Patrons and meeting new ones at both of these exciting events!!


In the mean time, the trick for me will be to keep all the pots simmering at just the right temperature the whole season long. 


The coming season of Spring brings the return of color as flowers gently poke tender sprigs up from the defrosting earth. This annual act of renewal amazes me. The colors of life, which have been patiently waiting through the stasis of winter, are a hairs width away from blooming in the golden rays of our solar system great engine of life, the sun. 


As ever, I am humbled by the interconnected way our world turns. I am humbled by the many ways plants and people express themselves in the many lanes of life. I'm honored to be a part of the journey my Patrons have, crafting a piece you all wear for occasions large and small. In honor of several folks close to my heart, I'll be having an amazing promotion in the weeks leading up to Pride Week.  I want all of you to know, that we are all beautiful creations poking our tender sprouts into the light and we all deserve respect and love. Let's build bridges towards each other and comport ourselves in a way we can always look on with light. In this burgeoning season of renewal, I walk with a heart full of gratefulness. 

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