Wandering: Lost or Found?

September 05, 2019

Fiery Desert Sunset

Howdy Jewelry Fans! As the summer winds down (I know, I know, I'm ALWAYS talking 'bout summer!), I take a little time to reflect on the year, both personally and professionally. We are coming into the reaping season, where we will gather the fruits of our labors and see the abundance we've created throughout the earlier months. September is a transition in the studio from summer colors and styles to the richer, earth hues of the fall (ok, not completely since I'm really obsessed with turquoise, but you might be surprised this fall with what's coming around the bend for OSJ Mini-Collection Releases. I've even got a bit of sparkle to put out as we move from Autumn to Winter.  Gotta catch the crystalline winter sun every way we can. Just saying.)

But that's about what's coming. I really am trying to reflect on the year so far. 

Needless to say there was a bit of going here and there, travel and motion and Patrons to meet and Pieces finding forever homes. I snuck off to Europe with my parents to hitch hike on their dream trip.  50 years in the making-- don't ever give up on your dreams, Jewelry Fans, they CAN come true. The Summer saw madness with shows in the Midwest and the West. I had a little appendix problem pop up (although that still seems like it's a 10 year old kid problem like ear infections and pink eye. Really Universe??) Oh. I moved from San Diego back to Tucson. That's the motion of the year, but I need to wrap my head around the e-motion, you know? 

And as I travel around, I contemplate the wandering life I have. The here's and there's, with a fox, in a box, on a plane, on a train, kinda life. Am I lost? Or am I Found? (As more of an existential question, not a religious one.)

Admittedly, my early professional life in the United States Navy enabled me to travel all over the world (mostly on ships-- haze gray and underway, yessss!!!). It kindled the spark in me to see, visit, learn, explore, question. Even before my Navy time, as a child, my family took some of the best car trips. We had a camper for a while (which one of my sisters and I loved while my other two siblings hated (older, didn't want to be away from their friends and stuck in a tin can with two giggling little girls). I remember we once took my (Great) Aunt Connie, who had us in stitches one night about putting her underwear over her night gown. She laughed her deep, throaty, smokers laugh and my heart anchored that moment with: LOVE. 

Wander. LOVE. 

Do you LOVE to wander, Jewelry Fans? At airports around the US, I've seen an American Express ad campaign (I'm a fan of AMEX and in no way am I trying to utilize their brand and name in anyway that violates their intellectual property). The ad campaign is based around this concept: "Is it Wander Lust or Wander Love?" 

Wow. That gets me right in the feels. 

I've found that there's a special mindset I switch into on the road. When I'm driving my big, old RV, Otis, we call it, "Life at the speed of Otis." And when I'm in my trusty steed, The Falcon (my Chevy Silverado with a cab wide enough for me to sleep across in a pinch), it's "Road Time". It's a relaxed and ready stance, where I plan the best I can and take what shows up with as much grace as I can muster at the time. Sometimes Day 2 has more Grace. Sometimes it's Day 11 where I hit the sweet spot of fully present and neutral, Grace.

As I wander, as you wander, Jewelry Fans, are you Lost or Found? Have you centered and grounded yourself in such a way that acceptance, competence, confidence and neutrality filter in and overtake the worrying ego in your minds with the simple ease of GRACE. In those moments are you Lost, your essence adrift without the anchor of place, or are you Found, so that no matter where you go, you are perfectly there? For a lot of you, for most folks, I think, it's easier to have the feeling of Grace when you are centered and grounded in your Place, your home, your town, your job, your family.

In my case, I'm on the flip side of that coin at this point in my life. I know moving has a lot do with that, but I can look back and see the drift I've taken from place to motion. Seeking and searching for acceptance, of myself and others, open connection, respect and communication. It's time to bring it home. I don't quite know how to keep the feeling of perfectly centered, neutral and open when I'm not on the road, but I'm going to search for it. When I'm in my studio, in production, bills to pay, social media to plan, pouring my heart and soul into Journal entries and my brand, my passion, my life, Original Sin Jewelry. When I have anchor of place-- I'm going to learn how to access the Grace I have in Motion, the Found I have when Wandering. 

I believe this will be my lesson as we move into Autumn and the shocking cold of winter. Creating the balance of perfect motion and centered place when I have one or the other, or neither or both. I'm using intentional breath, the power of visualization, permission to take a step, a beat, a moment and just be in acceptance and neutrality.

And I'm thinking, maybe, just maybe, all you Jewelry Fans, could give yourselves that permission too. What do you think?


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