What’s Up with the Curated Collections?

May 27, 2020

6 Stone Woven Turquoise and Silver Neckpiece by Original Sin Jewelry

Howdy Jewelry Fan! Welcome to the end of May. Like Woah, wasn’t it just March? I know, you know, we all know what’s happening, but can you tell me where the time went?? I’m not exactly sure and I’ve been reading some books that suggest all time is happening simultaneously, and that I’m in my before at the same time I’m in my now as the same time I’m in my future. Mind blowing for sure, but it still doesn’t seem to effect how slowly Mondays go, how hard it is to get to Wednesday and why Friday is still so exciting even if we aren’t really going anywhere, anyway.

For many, Fridays are still “Friyays” because they are working for a company that rents their time in 40-hour per week blocks. I’m sometimes #Jealous of that!! Since I work for myself, I don’t have anyone else to blame for whatever’s going on in my head, on my computer or at my work bench. I am guilty of it all! (I’m not talking about the times when my kitty-cat-co-workers moon walk across my keyboard!!)

One thing you CAN blame on me is not taking the time to get all my newest and freshest work up on my website. It used to be lower priority, as my travel and show schedule were so intense. Honestly, a lot of work sold during the show season and I didn’t have it long enough to get photographed and up on the web. Now, we’re all in the same season, Quarantine Season, all the time. (Unless you were at the Ozarks pool party over Memorial Day weekend. But I sure as hell wasn’t!)

Enter the Curated Collections.

Through the Curated Collections, I’m bringing you groupings of related pieces, much the same as I would arrange in my display cases. Each of them is a mini-universe unto themselves, relating in materials, colors and fabrication to each other. In a very direct way, I’m bringing my Art Festival Exhibition to you, here online. There are nearly 300 pieces in this first iteration of the Curated Collections, divvied up into approximately 25-piece collections. I’m even sneaking some new work in too- pieces that were going to debut this Spring and Early Sumer. That’s 12 bi-weekly installments of art-show-ness for you, Jewelry Fan!

As ever, please feel free to contact me if you need something specific or Custom Work.

And in the meantime—keep checking back on the Curated Collections Menu for new and updated offerings!

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Whew! You found me. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm hoping you are more than tempted to purchase one or several pieces. I am a full time, self representing, exhibiting artist (although I'm not in any organizations stating such in any official capacity-- I guess I should look into that). I travel from coast to coast participating in some of the finest art festivals. I also participate in small, funky events. I teach my techniques and can be booked by you, your group or your local shop. Call me with questions, you'll find my phone number in the upper right hand of every page. In the mean time-- please buy something!! Lets support the makers of USA, like me!

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