Nampeyo - Three Stone Pendant Large Long Silver Focus Necklace - Copper Fire Brick, Pyrite, Nickeline

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This Powerful three stone Pendant hangs on an 34" doubled Sterling Silver Rollo Chain. Working from the top of the Pendant down, the top cabochon is an up cycled piece of Michigan History, a Copper Fire Brick. During the bygone era of Copper Ore Mining and smelting, the original ceramic fire bricks lining the smelting ovens eroded over decades of use. Molten copper filled the voids and created this dense, intense Copper flecked material. This setting measures just over 1" across and 1 1/8" long. 

Next in the connected and kinetic pendant is a chunk of Cubal Pyrite. Pyrite naturally forms organized, cubic structures. This second setting of the necklace measures just about 7/8" in each direction. 

The final setting in the piece contains Nickeline and measures 3/8" across and 1/2" long. Nickeline in jewelry is rare. I've sealed the Cabochon with acrylic, as the material does contain Nickel. 

This Triple Focus Necklace, boiled down to one connection point at a time, one place where the chaotic motion of thoughts and actions balance, reminds us all to Focus. Focus on one moment, in perfect balance with all the moments that arrived before and will arrive after this place in time. 

Featuring my signature Radiance texturing around the edges, this pendant reminds you to vibrate at a higher frequency, to seek a higher pattern in your life. I believe that what you radiate is what resonates with the world.

All pieces are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9% pure) and has such a beautiful, glowing color. Please add your length request to Notes when you check out. 

Pendant Length:  2 3/4"
Pendant Width:     1" 
Necklace Length:    34"
Necklace Metal:     Silver

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