Nayeli - Fossilized Ammonite Woven Oxidized Silver Ring


Ammonites floated in the ancient seas, ranging in size from small to massive. This Ammonite has been Agatized as it Fossilized providing a glimpse into the churning seas of billions of years ago. The top of the ring measures 1" lengthwise on the finger and 1 1/8" across. The woven band is a Platform Style ring, meant to stand up and away from the finger as a statement and conversation starter. Currently, she's sized at a US Size 8, however, I can adjust the size for you up to a US Size 11. 

Confession, I have sturdy, fleshy fingers and having it a size 8 creates the perfect squish and sturdy platform on one of my size 9 fingers. 

All Rings are bench made and hand woven by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) which I then Oxidized in my special sauce. Let me know what size you'd like and I will adjust it before shipping. 

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