Hope - 24k Gold Fumed Chalcedony Druze Starry Night Woven Neckpiece

Shimmering and sparkling, this brand new Fine Silver woven neckpiece style presents an elegant and beautiful array of stones, like the stars shimmering in the night sky.  I find Beauty in all comers and colors at the table, an amazing tapestry of assembled stones and imagine the same beauty across Humanity.

The focal of the piece is a gorgeous light blue translucent Chalcedony Druze with fumed 24k Gold on the Natural Crystal Surface. Measuring 1 3/4" across and 1 3/8" in height, the center is flanked by hand woven fine silver in OSJ's ribbon effect. Altogether, Hope's a stunning neck pieces.

Sprinkled throughout the woven sections are African Welo Opals, Moody Blue Tourmaline and Golden Tourmaline with Rose Cut Aquamarines. The elegant and easy to use clasp features Aquamarine, bringing beauty to the back of the neck as well as the bosom. 

This neckpiece has OSJ's signature Radiance texturing around the edge to invoke high energy & positive resonance. I hope the texture remind you to vibrate at a higher frequency in your beautiful, powerful life. 

All jewelry is bench made and hand woven by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure and has such a beautiful white color.

Secret Inscription: May the truth of a starry night be with you.

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