4 Montana Sapphire Rings

Oh goodness! These rings are so adorable. I wish I had them in all sorts of sizes, but I want you to know, Jewelry Fans, that if I don't have these offered in your size today, I can absolutely create a custom piece for you.  I wrote in my Journal about the discovery of the Sapphires, but in short, they were kept on a dusty old shelf in a garage for almost 4 decades before coming into my horde (where I kept them to ogle for two years privately). But now they're out of the hoard and into the light!

Ring A: This is an open Duo Sapphire and Desert Bloom Ring. I envision her on a middle or index finger and she's sized around an 8 and can be sized within a one size range (size 7-9). The Desert Bloom half is 5/8" along the finger by 1/2" across. The Sapphire is a beautiful Bourbon color as is about 5mm round. 

Ring B: Size 6 with a 7mm icy yellow green Montana Sapphire

Ring C: Size 6 with a 6mm olive green Montana Sapphire

Ring D: Size 6 with a 4mm medium cool green Montana Sapphire

All pieces are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9%) pure.

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