Shield Earrings

Earring Length: 1"  
Width: 3/4"  
      Type: Ear Wire  
  Metal: Varies 

Shield - Protect Your Positivity

In the beginning, I began creating these pieces to explore geometry, one of my favorite subjects in the way back day (including Physics-- geometry with motion). As time passed, I realized that when I wore this style, I felt strong, protected: I asked my husband what he thought about it and he said, "It looks like a shield." Eye roll. Men have to man things up, don't they. However, he was right, this is a Shield, woven to protect your positivity as you journey through life. 

These hand woven earrings measure approximately 1" long from the integrated sterling silver ear wire.  They are just about 0.75" wide. This style is the original OSJ Shield Earring size and is a best seller!!  Shield Earrings are perfect for every day wear, for shopping or big meetings.  When you need a little something contemporary but elegant-- these are your something specials!

These earrings are available in Fine Silver, Oxidized Silver, Two Tone Silver and 14kt Yellow GF, and Two Tone Silver and 14kt Rose GF.

Shown in the photo are Fine Silver, Two Tone Silver and 14kt Yellow Gold Filled, Oxidized Silver, and Two Tone Silver and 14kt Rose Gold Filled.

A note about 14kt Gold Filled (14kt GF). 14kt Gold Filled is not a single layer of plating over any type of metal. Gold plated jewelry is one molecule thick and easily wears off. 14kt GF is a heat and pressure bond of at least 5% Gold. There are at least three layers of heat and pressure bonded gold. I use the highest quality of 14/20 14kt Gold Filled from a reliable and reputable metal supplier and refiner. However, if you absolutely need 14kt or higher, please contact me and we can discuss prices.  

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