Tiny Shield Earrings

Earring Length: 2/3"  
Width: 1/2"  
    Type: Ear Wire  
Metal: Varies 

Shield - Protect Your Positivity

There's something so beautiful about a simple geometric shape. These hand woven earrings measure approximately 0.625" long from the integrated sterling silver ear wire.  They are just about 0.5" wide  (yep--thats under an inch in size). These Tiny Shield Earrings are perfect for every day wear, for second or third holes, for playing tennis or shopping.  When you need a little something-something-- these are your something specials!

These earrings are available in Fine Silver, Oxidized Silver, Two Tone Silver and  14kt Yellow GF, and Two Tone Silver and 14kt Rose GF.

A note about 14kt Gold Filled (14kt GF). 14kt Gold Filled is not a single layer of plating over any type of metal. Gold plated jewelry is one molecule thick and easily wears off. 14kt GF is a heat and pressure bond of at least 5% Gold. There are at least three layers of heat and pressure bonded gold. I use the highest quality of 14/20 14kt Gold Filled from a reliable and reputable metal supplier and refiner. However, if you absolutely need 14kt or higher, please contact me and we can discuss prices.  

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