Tucson Big Horn Fire 2020

June 25, 2020

Tucson Big Horn Fire 2020

Whew! You found me. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I'm hoping you are more than tempted to purchase one or several pieces. I am a full time, self representing, exhibiting artist (although I'm not in any organizations stating such in any official capacity-- I guess I should look into that). I travel from coast to coast participating in some of the finest art festivals. I also participate in small, funky events. I teach my techniques and can be booked by you, your group or your local shop. Call me with questions, you'll find my phone number in the upper right hand of every page. In the mean time-- please buy something!! Lets support the makers of USA, like me!

I took the photo above right from my backyard the night we were notified to get Set to evacuate. Having evacuated from Hurricanes in New Orleans, including Katrina, our family photos are still in their containers and boxes, ready to go. That's sorta sad, I don't disagree, but it came in handy. With the store closed and my studio, inventory and tools all at the house, I had to pack both my skivvies and my livelihood. It wasn't pretty. I was scared. Worried. Upset. All while trying to methodically make choices about what could be replaced and what couldn't. 

I learned so very much about what's important to me. I learned that no matter how independent I am, I'm just not. I still depend on interconnected lives and agencies. I am NOT alone. And neither are you, Jewelry Fan. For starters, we have each other. Even if we aren't traipsing around Art Shows right now. 

Our country, our lives, our property, are all connected. We have a social compact to provide safety nets and services to each other. We STAND TOGETHER in hurricane, in fire, in Hope. 

June has taught me to acknowledge the experiences of all comers to the table, to leave space for experiences that are not my own in our cornucopia of American life. If two children from the same parents can have vastly different experiences, it is possible and probable that People of Color have had a totally different experience than mine. It is possible and probable that people who define their Sexuality on their own terms have had a totally different experience than mine. I cannot discount the pain, the experience of Other, the separation they've experienced. I acknowledge; I accept the pain; and I will expose the wrongs when and where I see them, bringing Light and Love, building a better social contract from here on out. 

Surely, if a nation can come together to serve the needs of Tucson as we battle this fire, a force of nature, we can come together to serve the needs of all Americans as we battle the force of our own natures.

We all Belong. 

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