Woven Skeleton Key Cuff

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Vintage Skeleton Keys are little lost secrets.  They are artifacts from a life we cannot see into, but a life we can imagine. It's what makes skeleton keys so intriguing and enduring. I've been obsessed with them since I was a little girl and my Grandmother first showed me her ring of skeleton keys. One skeleton key unlocked her cedar wardrobe, where garments, coats and hats, too fancy for a regular old closet resided. My grandmother had been a Milner and seamstress on 5th Ave in New York City before going to work for Ma Bell.  The clothes were immaculately hung and sewn, by my grandmother of course.  Another skeleton key unlocked her jewelry box, where sparkling treasures, both costume and real, abound from her life in NYC during the Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression and then World War II America. Oh the places those keys would take a runt of a girl wearing her favorite purple shorts and embroidered top. 

This Skeleton Key Cuff echos the glamour of an age gone by, the key is the main architectural element in a very modern design.  I have a variety of keys to use in this style of cuff to include rusty (but sealed) keys like the one shown, darkly oxidized, bright stainless steel and brass. There are high style keys, Art Deco style, and more subdued keys from which to choose. Once you purchase the style of cuff, I'll email you and we will quickly decide on the particulars for your cuff and then I will hand craft it just for you. 

Shown in the photo is a (sealed) Rusty Skeleton Key with Woven Fine Silver. 

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