Wishbone Woven Gold and Silver Mixed Metal Earrings

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Earring Length: 1 1/4"  
Width: 1"  
Type: Ear Wire  
Metal: Silver & Gold

Each of the hand woven Wishbone earrings measure approximately 1 1/4" long and 1" wide from the Sterling Silver ear wire.  These earrings are a great with short hair or a contrasting metal against longer hair and have Sterling Silver ear wires and structure, and are woven with 14k Gold Fill wire.

 I'm the youngest of four siblings. As a child, my mother would roast chickens and preserve the Wishbone on the windowsill to dry. When it was ready, it's my recollection that we were able to wrestle for the chance to grab a hold, pull it apart and possibly have our wish granted. It was happy childhood chaos, but I was the scrawniest of kids and rarely secured a spot in the wishbone pull. No matter-- I learned to make my own luck in life. This Woven Wishbone Pendant reminds you to do the same. 

All pieces are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9% pure) and has such a beautiful, glowing color, and in this case, 14k Gold Fill.  A note about 14k Gold Filled (14k GF). 14k Gold Filled is not a single layer of plating over any type of metal. Gold plated jewelry is one molecule thick and easily wears off. 14k GF is a heat and pressure bond of at least 5% Gold. There are at least three layers of heat and pressure bonded gold. I use the highest quality of 14/20 14k Gold Filled from a reliable and reputable metal supplier and refinery. Please read more about gold HERE in one of my Journal Entries

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