Tiny Woven Wishbone Oxidized Silver Earrings

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Earring Length: 3/4"  
Width: 3/4"  
  Type: Dangle  
Metal: Oxidized Silver

I'm the youngest of four siblings. As a child, my mother would roast chickens and preserve the Wishbone on the windowsill to dry. When it was ready, it's my recollection that we were able to wrestle for the chance to grab a hold, pull it apart and possibly have our wish granted. It was happy childhood chaos, but I was the scrawniest of kids and rarely secured a spot in the wishbone pull. No matter-- I learned to make my own luck in life. This Woven Wishbone Pendant reminds you to do the same. 

All pieces are bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Fine Silver (which is 99.9% pure) which has been oxidized to a beautiful dark iridescent color for these tiny woven earrings.

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