Minimalist Jewelry

Uncomplicated Jewelry with clean lines and sophistication by Margaret Aden of Original Sin Jewelry. The key to minimalist jewelry is clean, smooth lines handcrafted in Tucson Arizona by Original Sin Jewelry's founder, Margaret Aden. 


Here at OSJ, I create my jewelry for people who value authenticity and embrace who they are––people like you. You'll find my Best Selling Styles, consciously crafted and designed with you in mind. I hope my work encourages you to walk the path that is unique to you, no matter where it may lead you––because when you are authentically you, we’re all better for it. Please accept my invitation to join OSJ's Patron Club. You receive a FREE Earring Guide for Video Meetings right away! Check your INBOX in just a little bit (and be sure to add Original Sin Jewelry to your "accepts emails from" list, so your email provider doesn't keep up separated.)

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