Minou - Azurite-Malachite Berry Silver Ring

Category: green, malachite, ring, silver, size 7

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Azurite Blueberries as small nodules of Azurite accreted into pockets of other stone (often sandstone or limestone). Often, when Azurite oxidizes through exposure to air, the stone transforms into Malachite. This ring features an Azurite Blueberry that has done just that-- oxidized into Malachite (they are both carbonate forms of copper). 

Measuring 7/8" across the finger and 3/8" along, the now Malachite nodule is set in silver with a really pretty textured band. I absolutely love the transformative property of the little berries as it reminds me that we can all change with the passage of time through decision and commitment. 

This Rings was bench made by me, Margaret Aden, using Sterling Silver (which is 92.5%) pure and is a US Size 7 1/2.

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