Stretching Sunlight - Original Sin Jewelry

Stretching Sunlight

August 07, 2019 2 Comments

Howdy Jewelry Fans! It’s August. Unbelievably and irrefutably so. For me, August has a sense of urgency, a squeezing of every last bit of Summer out of every drop of sunlight.  I’m storing the crisp, bright memories of heat and warmth for the colder, longer nights that always come in balance to the heat of my favorite season.  As much as a back bend in yoga, where you engage your core to support the back muscles, I’m engaging every cell of sparkling sunlight to support my spirit through the other cycles of a natural year.

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Road Trips and Inspiration - Original Sin Jewelry

Road Trips and Inspiration

July 30, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans!! Eek! July is just about in the books. I hope it’s been a massively joyful month for all of you! July should smell like sunscreen and sunshine, don’t you think? My July has been full of changes, with a move back to Tucson from San Diego and my youngest son’s graduation from Air Force Boot Camp. Of course, all in the middle of a busy exhibition season with one show in Michigan and another in Denver during July. I ended the month by sprinting from Denver to Salt Lake City, where I boarded a flight back to Tucson (the sprint and flying part was all in ONE day).

What’s the old saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”?? Well, there ain’t no moss on me!!

As I travel back and forth across this great big nation, you, Jewelry Fans, often ask me about finding inspiration. Do I find inspiration in the places I visit? Do I find inspiration in the people I meet? Where in the world do all the inspirations for structures and combinations come from?

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What’s Better: 7P’s or 3P’s? - Original Sin Jewelry

What’s Better: 7P’s or 3P’s?

July 25, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans!!! Girls, oh Girls! I’m hitting my midsummer stride here, with a few twists, just to keep things interesting. I’m smelling sunscreen and the tangy scent of thunderstorms rolling in. I’m dodging across the country like a ping pong ball, trying to get to you, in your hometown.  I’ve taken planes, driven my truck, been stuck at airports and delayed by construction (it’s cone season, y’all). I’m being everywhere I can, but I realize I can’t be everywhere.

There are a couple of reasons for that.

You may remember last summer, that long and distant past time of the summer of ’18, I moved to the San Diego area. After a year of frolicking by the ocean, with constant good weather and sea breezes, my husband and I decided we preferred the stifling heat of Tucson, AZ where we have to get up and get moving by 5am, or be sundered to ash, like the prison planet of Creamatoria (Chronicles of Riddick reference in case you don’t know it off hand) when the radiative rays of our solar system’s sole star hits our skin. We’ve replaced soft, processed sea water with hard, calcite laden water of a deep, desert aquifer.  The breeze here feels more like you’ve opened the oven door on broil and your eyebrows are going to burn off than the moist, scented, chilled breeze off of the Pacific Ocean.


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Who Am I Without Struggle?? - Original Sin Jewelry

Who Am I Without Struggle??

July 17, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans!

Can you feel the excitement? The days have stretched themselves out like a lazy cat on an old sheet in the middle of an interstate move. Granted the move might only be one state, but boy is that cat tired. Ok. Maybe I’m just like the cat, and he’s my cat (or maybe I’m his human?) and I AM tired and in the middle of a move from San Diego back to Tucson (does anyone else seemingly vacation with their furniture?), but I am also so excited for the summer.

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Sum-Sum-Summertime! - Original Sin Jewelry


June 24, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans! Can you feel the excitement?? The days have stretched themselves out like a lazy cat on a scratching post. Or maybe a warm weather nap in a box that's meant for Wyoming? This picture is really of my cat, Snow, The Inspector Primus. He seems to be enjoying his afternoon nap right in the middle of my work table.)  I've caught a whiff of sunscreen and have been daydreaming of pina coloadas and margaritas at a poolside bar next to a golden sand beach. YESSSSSS!!! And while I'm not a kid anymore (happily) and I don't get the summer off (sadly), I do get the opportunity to travel this great country and meet you, Jewelry Fans, in your hometowns all across this Great Land. 

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Earth in Renewal:  Consumerism vs Meaningful Consumption - Original Sin Jewelry

Earth in Renewal: Consumerism vs Meaningful Consumption

March 27, 2019

Yup. That's right, Jewelry Fans, as of March 2019, our species has no redundancy, no planet to escape to should we screw this one up too far past breaking. Deep down, I don't believe humans will break the earth, but I worry we may come closer than we should before we learn that great windmills fastened to the deep sea beds off the bucolic cost of Cape Cod are more important than any bourgeois baron's view. I believe we can develop tidal electric power, where the great churning of the ocean can be harnessed to run my low wattage LED lights. I know we have the ingenuity to see it done, my future grand children are betting on it. And being in a line of work where my products, the jewelry I forge and weave by hand, is not a necessary product to live, like water, food, power, I'd like to believe the adornment of the body is necessary for the soul.

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Fuel Your Dreams... - Original Sin Jewelry

Fuel Your Dreams...

March 22, 2019 1 Comment

In the Navy I learned that a small course diversion has drastic impacts on the final destination. We performed “dead reckoning” every couple of hours to see how far off course we were. Ships naturally go off course. Unexpected currents, wind, steering gear discrepancies could have major impacts on getting where we were going. Humans naturally go off course.

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Waiting to Exhale - Original Sin Jewelry

Waiting to Exhale

March 13, 2019

As ever, I am humbled by the interconnected way our world turns. I am humbled by the many ways plants and people express themselves in the many lanes of life. I'm honored to be a part of the journey my Patrons have, crafting a piece you all wear for occasions large and small. In honor of several folks close to my heart, I'll be having an amazing promotion in the weeks leading up to Pride Week.  I want all of you to know, that we are all beautiful creations poking our tender sprouts into the light and we all deserve respect and love. Let's build bridges towards each other and comport ourselves in a way we can always look on with light. In this burgeoning season of renewal, I walk with a heart full of gratefulness. 

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Believing in Butterflies: A Second Pathway to Dreams - Original Sin Jewelry

Believing in Butterflies: A Second Pathway to Dreams

March 07, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans! As we schlog through March, weather exploding around us, a steady stream of epic rain and snow storms sweeping into Cali and East, there's an impatience in the air. Could it just be over?? When is the sunshine coming back? The volatile energy and impatience reflects an interesting parallel to my feelings surrounding goals and dreams. 

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To the Western Shore (of Florida) - Original Sin Jewelry

To the Western Shore (of Florida)

March 01, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans! The start of 2019 may have been one of Original Sin Jewelry's busiest starts of the year. Ever. First there was a cross country sprint from San Diego to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Show. And I mean sprint. I covered nearly 2200 miles in two and a half days. 

















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Original Sin Jewelry Manifesto - Original Sin Jewelry

Original Sin Jewelry Manifesto

January 23, 2019

Howdy Jewelry Fans!  What’s in a name? What’s in THIS name— Original Sin Jewelry? I’ve enjoyed chatting about this topic with many of you in my booth at art fair’s over the years, but for those of you who are just finding me, it may seem a bit of an enigma. I get it. So let’s get into it so you get it. Let me bare my authentic, conscious self to your authentic, conscious self. Who knows, we may even find a bit of Satisfaction at the end of it.  

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Pre-2019 Jitters - Original Sin Jewelry

Pre-2019 Jitters

December 28, 2018

Howdy Jewelry Fans! Have you ever had an old purse or backpack that you love? It’s a little outdated. Perhaps some parts are ripped, maybe there’s an Irish pennant (stray thread for all you non-military types) on the corner where it always rubbed against your shoulder. It could even be a little dingy in spots.  Yet, despite all its faults, you were comfortable with the dang thing and couldn’t imagine life without it.

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